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Troan was in his research tent, inscribing his knowledge inside the empty books with a feather pen. Making a rubbing sound as he was writing on the paper.

The research will take time and it will be passed down to the teachers and other subjects themselves. Making it one-time research with permanent effects.

Upon making thoughts about it, he was thinking about all his knowledge to be passed down on his subjects. Also, by making it passed down, all of them will benefit from it. He wanted to make sure his subjects will become knowledgable and bears skills that will help the realm and themselves to be independent later on.

As he began to write, he was thinking that he will have to recall his memories. All his knowledge will tend to be useful in these dire times. And so, he focused on writing.

The first research was about [Herbology]. Making him write all the plants that were useful in making potions and as well as for treating sickness. There were a lot of them and Troan was recalling all he knew of. It was an endeavor to recall hundreds of plants but it will be a very helpful thing if he can recall all of them.

After several hours of recalling, he also made some illustrations of all of the herbs. Making him take time as he was using ink to draw. Which he can erase.

After his research on Herbology, he moved to [Alchemy]. First, list all the ingredients and their uses, then the step-by-step process of creating each potion. Also the list of potions he can make and their effects.

Writing it off, he managed to explain all the details as well as guides on how to be an alchemist. All his knowledge about the topic was then put inside his book. Making it a full book on the related topic.

Next was [Animal husbandry]. All about taking care of animals and their guides. All ruminants, small and large as well as horses; poultry were also included. What were their feeds and as well as their diseases and cure. It was all about how to take care of them and several others. Guides on raising them and as well as their time from pregnant to giving birth.

Troan rested for a moment and then soon started again. This time, it was all about [Crop production]. He wrote off the introduction first then how to raise crops one by one. Each crop has its own guides as well as how to raise them. In huge quantities, they needed more manpower to harvest them. As well as how to properly cultivate the land which was called