After helping his friends transcend into a 4th-Dimensional being Jack talks with his friends for a while and then teleports to his room where he took a bath, ate dinner and went to bed.

The next day Jack went for a morning run and after running for 1 hour he came to his apartment, took a shower and had breakfast.

Today he is going back to University since he had missed many classes during the past week due to being pulled into another world and also transcending himself and helping his friends transcend.

After getting out of his apartment Jack started to walk toward his university. As he was walking, he casually passed someone who was Emily without her even noticing him.


[Sun University].

[Classroom - A].

When Jack entered his classroom his group of friends who saw him quickly came toward him and asked what happened to him and why he was not picking up their calls and not reading their messages.

Jake Fowler, Edwin Jackson and Ingram Hargraves calm down guys you don need to worry that much Im fine. A friend suddenly asked me to go overseas with him so I agree. When I was about to tell you guys about my leave, a fight suddenly occurred between a hero and a villain. The villain used an electric attack and fried my phone.

After the fight was over, my friend and I quickly took the flight because he was in a hurry. When I was overseas I forgot to notify you guys.

Wow, what a great friend you are.

Sorry about that guys let me make it up to you guys by treating you guys to something.

Its not like we need your treat but since you are insisting so much I guess we have to agree or else what kind of friend we would be.

After they all agreed, they went back to their seats which were on the last bench of the class. As they took their seats, the lecturer entered the classroom, took the roll call and started to explain his lesson.

Since their university is at the bottom and they accept people with weak powers or no powers at all, the university life and atmosphere here are very relaxed.

After the 3 lectures were done, it was finally time for a break, and so the group went out of the university campus to find a food stall.

Instead of letting Jack treat them now, they all paid for their food and drinks. After hanging their fill, they all came back to the university and waited for 2 hours before the last class of the day started.

After the last lecture for the day was over, they all went to fine restaurants in the city. After finding their table, they all seat down and started to look at the menu.

As they started to order their food and drink, Jack could hear some of his friends saying.

I don even eat this stuff and don know if it will taste good but one thing I know is that Im not paying for it.

After having their meals and Jack looked at the bill which shocked him paid but he quietly paid it and said goodbye to his friends and went home.

I have to be careful this month.